Business leaders have to interpret complex information quickly. Data is growing in volume and speed, so this task only gets harder: a gap widens between what the business wants and what it can actually achieve. Data Reply bridges the gap.

Our experienced management team deploys smart people and the right tools to deliver on your business priorities and challenges.

We attend to the data; you focus on the business.


Data Reply is a consulting practice that enables clients to achieve meaningful outcomes through effective use of data. We are part of Reply (, a leading Consulting, Systems Integration and Application Management company.


We help our clients along their analytics journey in a number of ways, most often by advising on the steps needed to build or improve their in-house advanced analytics capabilities.

Our experience and neutral position as external consultants leave us well placed to assess options objectively, to make practical recommendations, and to avoid wasting time and money.

We also offer a number of fixed scope engagements, such as a Skills Gap Assessment, that deliver quick and specific results.


Our certified and experienced consultants deliver custom onsite training - from the basics of big data and distributed computing to more advanced topics such as performance tuning Apache Spark. We also train clients on managing productive teams through our Data Delivery Framework.

This service is increasingly important to those clients grappling with the task of evaluating multiple (often open source) tools that appear to offer similar features. The pace of technological change and the crowded product market make this a difficult task to perform 'in house'.

Data Engineering

Our Data Engineering experience covers greenfield implementations through to migrations and relatively discrete additions to existing infrastructure. We also get involved in remedial work, where performance issues or blockers to scale are encountered.

Our Engineering practice can be broken down into four sub-specialisms:

  • Streaming analytics
  • Distributed processing
  • Distributed machine learning
  • Integration

Data Science

Our Data Science consultants fit the well-established profile: hackers with a good knowledge of statistics and machine learning, and a genuine interest in business context and outcomes. They are highly quantitative and used to delivering well built and well tested code.

Our mode of engagement varies depending on the situation. If the client has a Data Science function we tend to work on optimising existing models - for increased speed or scalability. Some clients effectively outsource their Data Science capability to us, leveraging our ability to scale the team in line with their needs, to attract top talent, and to share learning across projects.

Our Approach

Methodologies don't guarantee success, but their absence usually leads to delays, bugs and disappointed stakeholders.

Our tried and tested view of data product development, which we call our Data Delivery Framework, is flexible enough to adapt to the many and varied approaches favoured by our clients, including CRISP-DM.



In recognition of the importance of Information Management and our commitment to implementing best practices, we are pleased to be a member of DAMA.


Data Reply is a Databricks Certified Systems Integrator, meaning we have acquired and we maintain Apache Spark expertise enabling us to deploy successful Spark based projects.



We work with a leading tech stack, mostly open source. Where available we always obtain the relevant certifications, and we have a serious commitment to continuous learning and training for all of our consultants. 


The data analytics software market is crowded. Products vary in quality and it is difficult to assess vendors on a like for like basis - for product support, strength of roadmap, and so on. By partnering with market leading providers, we help our clients mitigate risk and implement solutions that last.

We take very seriously our responsibility to advise on the best tech stack for each particular engagement. We will never recommend a technology unless we believe it is right for you.

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We are always interested in hearing from highly capable people. Our open positions are listed on our jobsite.

Please carefully check you meet the role requirements before applying. And sorry, we will not respond to recruiters.